1. How do we find resellers in our area/country?

Contact UNIHOLZ at the address reported on the home page and the staff will inform you  where our products are available.


2. What about transport?

Goods are  EX WORKS , yet UNIHOLZ has an arrangement with several, air/marine or land carriers for the delivery of goods.


3. Are Uniholz machines fit for just one kind of hinge?

No, Uniholz boring-inseting machines are fit for any kind or hinge requested.


4. What do we do if the hinge needs to be changed in the future?

By keeping the same distance netween centres, you just change the template (i.e. where the hinge is applied to) or you change the boring head.


5. How long  does it take to change the boring head?

Thanks to some quick tricks,  a few minutes are enough to replace the boring head.


6. How long does it take to get spare parts?

Spare parts are always available and deliveries are made in Italy in 24 and abroad in 48 h .


7. What’s the delivery time for a Uniholz machine?

All kinds of machines are delivered max. 10 workdays.after receipt of the order


8. Can I contact Uniholz directly if I need a bespoke boring and inserting machine?

Of course, since UNIHOLZ bilds and designs its own line and has the know-how requested for carrying out a customized product.