Star C5

Combined drilling and inserting machines

An automatic machine, that makes the in-line boring for hinges with a 32 pitch repeatable through the standard reference rod, as well as the boring for frontal drawers and mounting-plates.
Supplied with an air-operated braking system and blast with standard suction hose and casing, so that the shavings are ejected after each boring.
So with a minimum purchase, you can make several workings on this versatile, high-performance boring-inserting machine. Supplied with a grittier motor compared to the other models of the range, it allows precise working and high speeds. A standard gauge shows the reference K measure. Also available, a laser device with perpendicular axle to the panel, perfect for off-size holes.



Motor power
0.75 Kw
Max thickness of panels
30 mm
Distance from centre of hole 35 mm
0 - 57 mm
Max dia. of bits
40 mm
Working pressure
6 - 7 bar
Working cycle
7” sec circa al ciclo
Net weight
55 Kg
Overall dimension on crate
220 - 240 / 380 - 440 Volts | 50 - 60 Hz
Overall dimensions
850 x 770 x 920 mm
800x700 mm bearing surface
11-spindle boring unit, cylindrical connection Ø 10 mm, suction casing and prearranged for the connection to the centralized system
Boring unit feed: fast on the idle stroke
air-operated braking on the boring working stroke
Manual rotation of the inserting fork
2 pressers holding the piece
One hinge-holding template
Two tilt stops with millimetric rule, 400 right and 400 left
2 bits dia. 8 or 10 mm
1 bit dia 26, or 35 or 40 mm
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