Easy 3

Single head drilling and inserting machines

Thanks to the excellent work of his department of Research and Development, UNIHOLZ created this  boring machine, combining a trademark of thirty years of experience with the latest technologies available on the market .An ideal partner  for  your needs of  space and transport.

Model Easy 3  is a result, who wants to bring the quality of the products UNIHOLZ to all his customers over the world.Compact machine, easy to carry ,easy to use but at the same time very strong.Handy, compact and robust shape. Suitable for construction site and workshops too ,for everybody who believe in quality! Most economic product but high performance and quality . No needs neither large space nor large place, with a single electrical outlet the machine is ready to start.. Entire Wood Working table ,which allows a greater sliding of the panel in phase of drilling.Manual working function used  by the operator. Gradual release of drilling lever by means of tested  gas springs suitably. Adjustable Tilt stop  and  suction unit and for the connection to the system of centralized intake.

There is also a laser pointer axis perpendicular to the panel, ideal for oversized holes.




Working table
700x295 mm
Drilling head
3 Spindles
Bit Ø 8 or 10 mm
Bit Ø 35 mm
N° 1
Tilting side stop
N° 2
Safety guard
Motor power
0,75 Kw
Max panel thickness
40 mm
Displacement of the rear fence
0 - 55 mm
Max bit ø
40 mm
Working cycle
Overall dimensions
70x50x50 cm
Net weight
22 Kg
Voltage single-phase
220V 50HZ


Rear fence extensions with metric scale
Powered laser pointer
Additional tilting side stop