New Star

Special drilling machines

Designed to meet the market request for wooden doors and windows, NEW STAR is a compact yet high-performance machine.
Supplied with a five-spindle boring head, it allows two processes with the same machine. The boring for Cremonese with distance between centres 43 and boring of handles with distance between centres 22-25-28.
The mechanical working and technical features are similar to those of the Star model, yet the application field is a bit different. Starting out in an ever-developing and changing sector, the New Star aims at ranking among the major brands, standing out for price and quality.


Motor power
0.75 Kw
Max thickness of panels
30 mm
Distance from centre of hole 35 mm
0 - 57 mm
Max dia. of bits
40 mm
Working pressure
6 - 7 bar
Working cycle
7” sec circa al ciclo
Suction casing inlet
diametro 50 mm
Net weight
55 Kg
Overall dimension on crate
220 - 240 / 380 - 440 Volts | 50 - 60 Hz
Three-phase supply
930 x 920 x 900 mm
mm 930x920x900 Overall dimensions on cardboard
850 x 770 x 920 mm
Bearing surface 800x700 mm.
5-spindle boring head, cylindrical connection Ø 10 mm complete with bits and suction casing and prearranged for the connection to the centralized system
Boring unit feed: fast on the idle stroke, air-operated braking on the boring working stroke
Manual rotation of the inserting fork
2 pressers holding the piece
One hinge-holding template
Two tilt stops with millimetric rule, 400 right and 400 left
Hole cleaning device
1 position gauge
Nr. 3 bits
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